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 JUMPING FOR JOY - by Joy Smith Griffin as told to Jan DeChambrier 

Feeling a little world-weary? Need the spiritual equivalent of a Starbuck’s Double Shot Energy? Ready for a jumpstart of joy for the year ahead? Look no further! Come and see!

In a modern-day manifestation of the healing miracle Jesus performed on the paralyzed beggar at the gate called Beautiful in Acts 3, Joy Smith Griffin likewise jumped to her feet, walking and leaping and praising God! Having been paralyzed from a sports injury at the age of 22, her complete confinement for eighteen months led to a personal encounter with the living God that transformed her in spirit, soul, and body.

Called to tell the world about the Lord who healed her in every way, Jumping for Joy is a compilation of the missionary journeys of Joy Smith Griffin over a span of three decades to seventy-five nations. From post-Communist Estonia to the Great Wall of China, from mud huts in Africa to India’s Taj Mahal, from the murky waters of the Amazon to the wide expanse of the Nile—Joy has carried the shoes of the gospel of peace to many who have never heard about Jesus Christ.

Joy’s stories recounted through author Jan de Chambrier will bring hope to all who hear these marvelous testimonies of what Jesus has done around the world. In our troubled times of persecution and pestilence, rebellion and rioting, take a break from bad news and find inspiration in Jumping for Joy.

 Read what others are saying about Jumping for Joy 

“…the most thought-provoking, inspiring book I have ever read or heard about.” “I am only 40 pages in and already feeling immense JOY!” 

“Loving every word! The longing in her heart for knowing JESUS mirrors mine. I know exactly  how she felt and now know how to keep praying for more of HIM. Thank you, thank you.” 

“One of the best books I have ever read in my life!! It is so inspiring and makes me want to pray  more and harder for all the lost souls in the whole world!!!” 

“Really enjoying the book together as a family, especially the aspects of God having the power  to change our hearts. We’re reading a chapter with the children each night.” 

“Amazing book—hard to put down.”  

“My heart has rejoiced at every turn of the pages. So much hope in this well-written book.”

“This book has fulfilled a longing to know more about Holy Spirit wanting and waiting for me to  cry out to Him.” 

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