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 My Story - Glimpses: Two Stories of Hope and Healing 
Ephesians 3:20 

"Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly more than we can ask or even imagine according to His power that is at work within us, to Him be the glory in Christ Jesus and the church, both now and forevermore! Amen."

Cancer. The mere mention of the word strikes fear into the hearts of everyone, Christians included. Virtually every individual in today’s world will be touched by this disease in some way: as a patient; as a care-giving spouse or family member; as a friend who comes alongside. Some of us have experienced all three of these roles, struggling to maintain our equilibrium amidst the moment-by-moment challenges of facing this formidable foe. The good news is that when this journey is shared, the light and love of Christ can bring healing and hope to all. Glimpses is 36 chapters of Christ's faithfulness in the midst of all of life’s challenges.

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"Jan de Chambrier's book, Glimpses, is both captivating and endearing. Jan's story resonates with the journal entries of her friend,Carrie Oliver, as she shares her personal journey with cancer. Her writing is honest, sincere, and inspiring. The character of a life fully devoted to God flows gently and tenderly from the pages of this book, engaging the reader with both spiritual truth and a heartfelt compassion for those who endure the rigors of surviving cancer. The story Jan presents is personal, but also profoundly reflective of the journey many cancer survivors experience. Her words offer a calm reassurance that cancer need not be the end of hope but can be the beginning of a new season of faith and a new opportunity to embrace all that is dear to us. The journey of two friends may end very differently, but they share the same destiny. At God's final Amen, we shall see the face of a loving God and our healing will indeed be complete. Jan's story will motivate readers to face life with determination and courage."

Rev. Cliff Ritter
Associate Pastor of Caring Ministries
The Woodlands United Methodist Church
The Woodlands, TX

"This is an incredibly realistic book of faith and hope. The journey of these two women through cancer and with the Lord must be available to the millions of those in our country struggling with this disease. Having lost my wife of forty-eight years to cancer, I can attest to the fact that this is an honest portrayal of this difficult journey. I knew Carrie all of her married life and performed the wedding ceremony for Gary and Carrie. I have seen and felt their pain and joys during their journey. I know their story will bless many lives."

Dr. H. Norman Wright
Marriage, Family and Child Therapist
Bakersfield, CA
Author of over 70 books, including Surviving the Storms of Life, Reflections of a Grieving Spouse and Coping with Chronic Illness and Pain

"Glimpses is a book you’ll find yourself reading more than once. I was so gripped by the stories of Jan and Carrie’s twin journeys through cancer, each with a different ending (and beginning), that I raced through the first reading. The second time through it was with highlighter in hand, as the insights, illustrations and scriptural principles Jan relates are ones I want to share with others. This is a book I plan to purchase multiple copies of for those who are currently walking through “the valley of the shadow.”"

Maggie Wallem Rowe
Public Relations Specialist
Tyndale House Publishers
Wheaton, IL

"Rarely does one come across a book that speaks with the truth and reality of life while unfolding a deep love relationship with the Lord. But this book DID IT! Never having any major health challenges, I felt through these two amazing women the compassion, understanding and connection with our Savior in their passion for healing and love of Him. This book shows that other things are truly unimportant."

Cynthia Kubetin Littlefield, MA, LPC
Director, Christian Counseling Center of Houston
Houston, TX
Author of Shelter from the Storm and Beyond the Darkness

"As you read Glimpses you will come face-to-face with the teaching of two women: One through her final journey until she saw Jesus face-to-face, and one through her journey of illness and healing. There is a beauty in the intricacy of the 'tapestry' that God has woven through their stories. I know you will be struck through your reading more with Jesus than with either Jan or Carrie. This is a book worthy of adding to your library of spiritual formation."

Barb Roberts
Director of Caring Ministry
Cherry Creek Presbyterian Church
Englewood, CO
Author of Helping Those Who Hurt: A Handbook for Caring and Crisis

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